Broadcast Streaming in Atlanta, GA

When planning your Atlanta, GA, event, you want everyone interested to see it. Unfortunately, venues can only hold so many people. That’s where livestreaming for events comes in, and Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC is the audio and visual production team that can help you with the best in broadcast streaming solutions.

Modern technology has made broadcasting a live event via the internet easier than ever before. However, you don’t want a low-quality stream that is hard to see and doesn’t have good camera work. The EMI Atlanta team provides streaming support that looks professional and makes the people watching feel like they are there live.

Why You Should Stream Your Events

Our streaming solutions can increase the reach and viewership of your live events. Here are some other reasons why a live stream is an excellent use of EMI production resources:

Increased Income

Tickets sell out but adding a live stream can greatly increase the size of your audience. With a low admission fee, you can greatly increase your audience and also the size of your event.


Events are made to be seen, and you want to reach as many people as you can. A sell-out event with a widely viewed stream can get your name out there. It’ll please the viewers of your current event and get them excited about your future events.

Efficient Use of Resources

Sometimes the choice between a larger venue and a live stream can be a challenge. We can help you make the most efficient choice for your situation. In some cases, a smaller venue and stream maximize your event while efficiently using your resources.

Build Your Niche

Sometimes one of the goals of an event is to find the right audience for your events. A live stream is an easy way to find a wider audience. A loyal and interested customer base is worth its weight in gold, and you want to know who that is.

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You can trust us with your equipment needs and installation and rest assured that the work will be done properly and beyond your expectations. No matter if you know what AV equipment you need or require assistance, we can help. Contact us today.

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