Concert & Event Production in Lawrenceville, GA

When planning an event or concert, proper audio and visual production is key. When putting on a live show, there is little room for error, and Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC, is here to help. We’re experienced professionals at event staging, and we can help you manage your live EMI event in Lawrenceville and Atlanta, GA.

When you work with us, we provide service and support from the planning stages to the very end. With over 15 years in the industry, we can make your event one to remember. Here are some of the ways we can help you.


Without good audio, your guests won’t be able to hear anything. Audio is one of the most important aspects of any live event. We provide top-of-the-line audio equipment and configuration to ensure your guests can hear every word. We have a full selection of audio equipment to fit a variety of needs during the live event planning phase.


Much like audio, lighting is a key part of the show. We provide the lighting equipment so your event has the best visibility and effects. From bright lights to intricate effects, we can make sure your EMI event has just the right amount of lighting. We also provide dazzling effects and dramatic lighting to fit a variety of events.


Planning your event is highly important because, without a good plan, your event won’t happen. At Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC, we can help you plan your event.

We provide professional advice from the very beginning to help you plan and organize your event. With our help, you don’t have to worry about important steps being missed or any oversights.


As professional event planners, we have a wide selection of equipment to help bring your event to a successful conclusion. We have lighting, audio, and visual equipment, from advanced audio equipment to walls of monitors, to execute your event effectively.


When holding an event, live internet streaming can bring the sights and sounds to those attending the live event and others all around the world. In addition to live streaming, our EMI Atlanta team will also provide recording services so your event can be rebroadcast or sold to meet your goals.