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Planning an event is only one step in the process. It takes successful and professional event management to make sure everything goes as planned. At Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC, we not only plan EMI events in Atlanta, GA, but we also help manage them.

When you need professional event management and audio and visual production, we’re here to help you. Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC has been helping with concert and event coordination since 2005, and we can help you too.

The Value of Effective Event Management

When an event is live, it needs to be effectively managed to provide the experience your guests expect. When done correctly, the event flows smoothly, and if there’s a glitch, your guests won’t notice. This is the desired result as a well-managed event – it should look easy to your visitors.

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What we have to offer…

We provide support in the three areas of the core areas of effective event management.


This involves setting the goals for the event, who the audience should be, budgeting, and the overall theme of the event. Marketing is an important part of your event strategy, and we can help you plan the proper approach for your event.


For an audience to show up, they have to know an event is happening. Social media, local advertisements, interviews, email, and other channels of communication all work together to inform the public that there is an event they should go to.


Managing an event brings a lot of elements together. These include the venue, staff, equipment needs, security, proper technical testing for audio and video, safety, food, and beverages, just to name a few aspects of managing a successful event. With our assistance, you can keep your event organized and on schedule.

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When planning an event, issues often arise in the management phase. With our attention to detail and focus on excellent results, you can depend on us to help keep your EMI production on schedule and organized.

Entertainment Marketing Innovations, LLC, has worked with internal musical performers and global celebrities, and we can bring that same quality to your event. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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